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I know that stepping into a leadership role is hard, especially for women, and there are so many resources out there.
I’ve created the leadership resources I wish I had when I was first stepping into a leadership role.
It's difficult to know where to start, so here is your one stop shop. I've curated the "best bits" to save you hours (or even days!) searching for leadership resources out there. I've also created original content, so you can be a step ahead and can feel confident as a woman in leadership.
Let’s change the balance of women in leadership roles


From in-depth profiles of inspiring female leaders to self-development tips and reflections on current events, my blog entries invite you to think deliberately about the way you live your life and the habits you cultivate.
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I started the Leading With a Brave Heart podcast in 2020 as a way to share my personal learnings from working in the corporate leadership world. My goal is to help women take the first steps in their leadership journey by offering practical strategies to navigate challenges and live with confidence.

I share my leadership, confidence and self-development tips in easily digestible 15 minute episodes, perfect for a work commute or morning walk.
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Tuesday 19th March 7:00pm AEDT

Self Leadership Seminar

This seminar provides you with the journey to self leadership and an actionable pathway to implement your next steps.
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This free seminar is for women like you who want to build your leadership confidence and discover how to utilise your own unique strengths. 

Stop trying to become someone else, and instead lean into what makes you YOU.
You’ll learn:
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The power of being different
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How to discover your unique leadership style
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How to feel confident being yourself.
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How to plan your next steps.

helpful Leadership Resources

Looking for some help with your leadership journey? Then I have all the goods right here! From articles to workbooks, or if you prefer to listen to leadership tips, you'll find something to help you with where you are at with our helpful leadership resources.
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Be a Better Leader Guide

Knowledge is key when you are becoming a leader. The more you know about leadership and yourself, the more confident you will feel. This will help you to see yourself as a leader and your leadership career will take off.

Within this guide, I will share the three things to focus on to become a confident leader and provide some questions to help you brainstorm where you need to focus on in the next 30 days to help you move into action.
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The Self Leadership Guide

Do you want to get control back? Create your personalised Self Leadership Action Plan with this value-packed Guide.

Get more confidence and clarity in your career, discover your leadership strengths, and learn strategies to the pathway to self leadership.

Available as a standalone self-guided download, or you can level it up with a 1:1 coaching session and personalised assessment with Michelle.
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The Self Leadership Quiz

This free quiz will prompt you to delve inwards and consider how you lead yourself, offering an assessment of where you’re at and where to improve.

When you receive your results, you will get strategies that are specific for your leadership journey and the pathway to lead yourself with confidence. You will have an opportunity to learn more about self leadership and how to lead and coach yourself.
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Female Leadership Academy

There's something special brewing at Braveheart Coach and we can't wait to share it with you. Imagine a safe and supportive place where you can work towards your leadership goals, surrounded by like-minded women with ongoing guidance from Michelle.

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