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Leadership Courses with Braveheart Coach

Braveheart Coach offers online Leadership Courses for the busy leader who wants to take things at their own pace. Designed as modular programs with content released weekly, these courses offer strategies and resources to help you grow as a leader – within your own time.
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Self-paced course to help you Become confident in your career and life
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Discover your Leadership Edge

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your leadership role? Perhaps you’re a new leader trying to figure out your leadership identity, or an established leader who feels like there’s something missing…

Discover Your Leadership Edge is a self-paced course perfect for leaders who feel that they aren’t quite where they want to be. Reflect on your leadership brand, jumpstart your confidence, and learn how to move forward with renewed belief in yourself and your skills.

We'll tackle leadership skills including communication, playing to your strengths, delivering feedback, speaking up confidently, creating strong habits and branding.

Leadership Courses are for you if

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You like the idea of learning alongside and connecting with other like-minded women
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You’re drawn to leadership coaching, but feel 1:1 sessions are a little too intense
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You enjoy the collaborative, dynamic environment of a small group setting
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You want to know you’re not alone while working through obstacles in your career
Got more questions? You can book a complimentary 15 minute call with me to discuss how our leadership courses will work for you.
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Michelle has been incredible to work with...

I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from Michelle’s incredibly positive energy that she brought to every session. I am very grateful for Michelle’s work ethic, professionalism, and motivation. Michelle has taught me to be thoughtful, intentional, and impactful in my leadership approach and has provided me with practical and implementable tools.
Elizabeth – Operations Manager, Sydney Australia
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Two value-packed leadership programs for women

In Michelle's women in leadership programs, you’ll gain the skills required to  become the leader you know you can be, whilst connecting and learning from other women in your position.

Leap into Leadership

$247 AUD
Small group 4-week mentoring program designed to make you a more confident leader.
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Self Leadership Lab

$197 AUD
4-week self leadership program to help you lead yourself with greater confidence and harmony.
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Discover your Leadership Edge

4-module self-paced course
Discover Your Leadership Edge is a self-paced course perfect for leaders who feel that they aren’t quite where they want to be. Reflect on your leadership brand, jumpstart your confidence, and learn how to move forward with renewed belief in yourself and your skills.

Perfect for women who are new to leadership or want to become a leader and are looking to discover their own unique leadership style – whether it’s in the corporate world, their community, or their own business.

Module 1: Mastering Self-Leadership

Module 2: Craft your Leadership Essence

Module 3: Discover your Unique Value Proposition

Module 4: Design your Success Blueprint
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$197 AUD
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Learn branding, self reflection, leading yourself, creating a personal pitch, managing priorities, creating lasting habits.
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7 day money back guarantee. If the first module isn’t for you, no problem!
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On the start date you will get access to week one content. After 7 days you will have access to all remaining content.
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Worried about accountability? There will be weekly emails to remind you to engage with the course content.
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Gain FREE access to resources valued at over $200 (The Confidence Cure Workshop & The Confident Woman Workbook)
Discover Unique Strengths
Learn to Put yourself forwards
Create changes that stick
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What to expect from our Leadership Courses

Our self-paced leadership courses have four modules that will help you become a confident leader without changing who you are, becoming “one of the boys”, or getting an MBA.
Module 1

Master your Self-Leadership

Learn the most important lesson about leadership - to lead others, you need to lead yourself.This module will focus on learning more about yourself and what motivates you. Don't you love those quizzes that help you discover something exciting about who you are? This module is jam packed with those!
Module 2

Craft your Leadership Essence

Even if you don't care about creating a brand, you still have one! In this module you’ll learn what determines your leadership brand and how you can take back control of the narrative. It’s your life and career, after all. In this module you will use a creative process to create your leadership brand and learn how to leverage it.
Module 3

Discover your Unique Value Proposition

In this module you will be taken through a step by step process to discover your leadership edge, drawing on your strengths, experiences, skills, and even vulnerabilities. This is the secret ingredient, the thing that sets you apart and helps transform you from a basic vanilla ice cream into something with a little more flavour!
Module 4

Design your Successful Blueprint

If the previous modules are the runway, this module is where you take off. Elevate your leadership career beyond this course. Discover what it takes to truly transform yourself into the confident leader you want to be. Lean into your unique flavour of leadership and be recognised as a leader who stands apart from the rest, forging your own path.

Not sure if a leadership course is the right choice for you?

Braveheart Coach also offers private one-on-one coaching as well as group mentoring. Check out the details and always get in touch if you have any questions.
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Why do a Leadership Course with Braveheart Coach?

No matter what stage of life or career you’re at, leadership courses can give you that extra boost to take the next step with increased confidence and self awareness. Whether you’re in a corporate leadership position, a management role, or just want to build your self confidence, online courses put the power in your hands.

It’s a leadership and management course

If you’re in a management position, leadership is vital. It helps you communicate with your team effectively, direct your team effectively, and inspire your team effectively. Figuring out how to use your unique strengths in management is key to being successful in the long term. Leadership courses are designed to help you identify those strengths – while also being self-paced – is a powerful and flexible tool in your leadership journey.

It’s a women in leadership course

Female leaders face unique obstacles, and often have to unpack negative experiences or lessons they’ve learned in their careers so far. For many women, the more prevalent leadership styles just don’t resonate. Braveheart Coach’s online leadership courses give you the space and strategies to figure out what works for you, which in turn boosts your leadership effectiveness.

It’s a confidence building course

Low confidence is one of the most common problems Michelle hears about from female leaders. Even when the skills are there, a lack of confidence can hold women back from achieving what they’re capable of. Courses designed to foster confidence offer women a boost in their careers, helping them put themselves forward, speak up more often, and make decisions that benefit their life and career.
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Why I created an Online Leadership Course

The ability to empathise, to listen, to take other perspectives on board – these were all important qualities that many leaders lacked, but which empowered those who had them. It completely changed the way I thought about leadership. 

I wanted to help other women feel the same way – and I wanted to make sure no other female leader found themselves without training or support during their leadership journey. 

I wanted to create the programs that would have helped me as an emerging leader.
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