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Leadership Blogs and Profiles

From in-depth profiles of inspiring female leaders to self-development tips and reflections on current events, my blog entries invite you to think deliberately about the way you live your life and the habits you cultivate.
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A little more about me…

Behind the smarts, the advice and the value-packed training I provide to women, remember there’s always a real person behind the business.

I’m also passionate about harmony in life and work.
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I live in Melbourne, Australia
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On any given morning you’ll find me walking the beach, coffee in hand
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I love travelling the world, experiencing different cultures, meeting new people and making new memories.
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Some people are cat people. Others are dog people. I’m a people person! I care deeply about other humans.
If you want to know more about me, my leadership perspective and the advice I provide, check out my Podcast for regular peeks behind the curtain!
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