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Leadership coaching and mentoring for women to help you find your voice, use your strengths and discover your unique leadership style to stand out in today’s world.
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Meet your Braveheart Coach

Michelle Johns is a leadership and confidence coach helping women take charge of their life and career by becoming the best version of yourself and embracing the power of femininity in leadership.

Working with Michelle will give you the tools and support necessary to live with greater purpose, energy and fulfilment so you can lead yourself first, before focusing on how to lead others.
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Braveheart Coach is for you if

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You’re a new leader who wants to build your confidence and leadership skills
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You feel disengaged, burnt out, or stuck in your career
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You want to develop your own unique leadership style that plays to your strengths
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You want to regain control of your life and create healthier, more productive habits
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Are you ready to become a confident leader?

Whether you’re looking for the focus of 1:1 coaching, the supportive environment of small group mentoring, or the flexibility of a self-paced course, learn more about my services and how I can help you.
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Michelle has been incredible to work with...

I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from Michelle’s incredibly positive energy that she brought to every coaching session. I am very grateful for Michelle’s work ethic, professionalism, and motivation. Michelle has taught me to be thoughtful, intentional, and impactful in my leadership approach and has provided me with practical and implementable tools.
Elizabeth – Operations Manager, Sydney Australia
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I’m Michelle Johns, your Braveheart Coach! With over 25 years of experience leading teams in the corporate world, I’ve been where you are and struggled through the same challenges. I’m here to tell you that you can meet your career and life goals by following one simple rule: just be yourself.

I know the struggle of wanting to be seen and heard as a woman in leadership. I spent the duration of my first leadership role struggling to emulate the leaders I saw around me. However, with time, I discovered that the things I’d been trying to change within myself were actually very needed in the leadership landscape.

I realised that if you want to achieve results as a leader, more feminine traits are actually needed. One day we won’t need to refer to ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ traits – just human traits – but until that day I want to help feminine leaders see their qualities as assets. Empathy, collaboration, and the ability to listen are just as powerful as being bold, direct and loud.
About Michelle
We live in an era that craves compassionate leadership.

Braveheart Coach helps women build

confidence to lead without feeling the need to become one of the boys.

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We need more compassion in the boardroom and throughout the corporate world
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Free resources to help you build confidence as a leader

Tune in to my podcast or download my value-packed eBooks. I’ve created these resources are here to offer leadership, confidence and self development insights, helping you reflect on positive changes you can make to your own life.
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